About Us

Our Company

BlogNow.com.au owned and operated by AAA MARKETING WORLD PTY LTD – 100% Australian company based in Ultimo, Sydney. Our ACN: 108422117
Our office: C3.15 22-36 Mountain Street, Ultimo, NSW, 2007, Australia

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Our Team

We are a small team consisting of some of the most talented IT professionals in Australia. We have been involved with various E-commerce projects since yearly 1999. Our focus and passion lies in Internet community building and online information exchange. We combine solid IT, marketing and management skills with professionalism, ethics and dedication. Since scaling down our development of BlogNow, we merged with the WebQ team – you can find our on online profile here.

Our Mission

We believe anybody should be able to blog for free. We aim to develop Australia’s number one blog hosting service – simple, fast and 100% FREE. We are working hard to bring you the best blogging tools and systems.BlogNow is a non-profit project and all development is supported with the private funds generated by other projects developed by AAA MARKETING WORLD. You may publish anything you like on your blog as long as the content is legal and non-offensive. We do reserve the right to remove any blog from the system if we receive a complaint or deem your content as offensive or inappropriate. We also collect basic user information during the registration process which we will never sell to any third party, nor will we engage in spam. If you wish to leave a comment or contribute to BlogNow project in any way please contact us. You can also help us by letting others know about our site or by placing a link to us – www.blognow.com.au. Happy blogging!