Different Types of Construction Assignments

Constructions can be defined as a procedure that involves assembling infrastructure whereas the meaning of a construction project is something that includes work and materials necessary for the constructions of a completely finished structure for proper occupancy by the end user. Handling a construction project involves site preparation, electrical and mechanical work, foundations and other different tasks considered important for the completion of the project such as underpinning. The different varieties of construction assignments have been detailed below:


The residential construction assignments include townhouses, houses, condominiums, apartments, single unit residences, subdivisions and cottages.


Engineers and architects present the housing designs and the construction work is carried out by the builders.

Builders Employ Services

The builders employ the services of subcontractors for electrical, mechanical, structural and other important tasks.

Conform Local Building

It is necessary for the residential constructions to conform to the local building authority codes and regulations of practice.


This is one of the most popular varieties of construction assignments. Building is the procedure of adding proper structure to a property. These are basically small renovations and room additions. Building projects also include the installation of equipment and utilities.

Commercial and Institutional

Commercial and institutional building construction assignments cover a wide assortment of project sizes and types like clinics and hospitals, universities and schools, stadiums, sports facilities, retail stores, warehouses, skyscrapers, shopping centers, hotels and offices.